How long does it take to be a consistently profitable trader?

In my opinion, what really takes time is not the outcome is the process.

To be successful in trading, you have to take some time to understand and learn about different trading styles.
You might read many books, but you will never be satisfied until you try it yourself.

The market is very noisy, and people start with unrealistic expectations which makes it harder.Then you have to start work on your craft and develop your trading plan, backtesting, demo trading and start with small amount of money, (sometimes, blowing a couple of accounts may be part of the process)

That is just the start, then you will discover that every now and then you have to iterate, modify, edit your plan ( which should include strategies to suit different market conditions)and come back and trade again. It is called the feedback loop.It is a process, not an end product.

Skip any step of the above, and no matter how many years you would try, it will never work for a long time.

It takes a lifetime of commitment and dedication.
The most important aspect is to have a “WHY” without a “Why” you would quit after the first so-called “failure.”

All I am trying to say is that there’s no one point after x amount of years that you will reach and say now I am profitable and I don’t need to follow the process.

Always remember it takes only one mistake to wipe the entire account.
Success is a process, not an event.

Have a peaceful trading day 😊

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