Here’s What it Takes to Become a Fearless Trader

So it happened again!
Another day or week has passed, and you have made zero progress towards your trading goals.

You cannot help but following another newsletter /Facebook group, subscribe to another YouTube channel, trying to find motivations in trading quotes, or even purchasing a new trading book.

Deep down, you know following that following your trading plan as you have backtested it and you are comfortable with the results, but you can’t take the necessary action.

You still freeze, hesitate before pulling the trigger, execute before getting your signal, exit prematurely or even, sometimes, holding for a long time.

What is going on here?!

The truth is you can’t control your actions; you are focusing on all the things that you cannot control and ignoring what you really can control, YOURSELF.

What are things that you need to focus after developing your winning trading plan to become a fearless and a consistently profitable trader you dream of becoming?

Factors you Cannot Control

It is essential to understand that there are factors that are out of our control as traders.

For example, we can’t control fundamentals, price action, or the outcome of the trade.

Unfortunately, here’s where most traders focus more than 90% of their time, effort, and energy. They are trying to understand what they cannot control

What Can You Control?

It’s obvious after developing your winning trading plan that you can control the market you trades m your position sizing and most importantly your ACTIONS.

The most powerful thing that you can control is your actions (here’s where most traders fail)

Develop Self-Awareness

Most traders suffer from their impulsive behaviours, which ends up by taking actions against their own will. That literally means they are not aware of their actions.

Developing a deep self-awareness can literally start with simple check-in before analyzing or taking any trades.

You can start a new routine where you sit down on your desk and give your self a crash course in self-awareness. Check all your body parts and make sure to sit with your back straight and your shoulders back.

Also Make sure you are sitting in suitable environment where you will not be distracted at least during the analyzing and execution stage

The way you think is the way you feel and vice versa.

Understand Your Feelings

After doing this initial check-in, it’s vital to check your feelings. Ask yourself: what am I feeling now?
Scientific researches suggest that there is an interaction between feelings and thoughts.

Simply put, the way you think is the way you feel and vice versa.

Your Edge!

Don’t get me wrong; It is a prerequisite to have a trading plan with a proven edge. However, you will be doing yourself a disservice if you are not paying enough attention to master your mental edge.

Now It’s Your Call

Developing a deep self-awareness and understanding your feelings and its root cause is a crucial step on your path to becoming a Fearless and a Consistently Profitable trader

Do you have what it takes to become a fearless trader?

Thanks for reading this!

Become Who You Want To Be!
You Deserve Success! Sincerely,
Khaled Maziad

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