Stop Expecting, Start Trading!

“We never live; we are always in the expectation of living.”


Many traders are stuck in what I call the High Expectation – regret Loop, but before going further, let’s explain what’s an expectation.

What Is an Expectation?

As per the Oxford Dictionary, the expectation is a strong belief that something will happen or be the case.

Unfulfilled Expectations

The next obvious question would be what is the outcome of unfulfilled expectation. Disappointment.

The Born of Regret

Once disappointment is there, the desire to revenge will evolve. Once you have the desire to revenge, the impulsive action will be the hero. This compulsive action then will Regret

Impulsive / Revenge Trading 101

That’s exactly Revenge Trading 101. You enter a trade. You set a high expectation that the trade is going to move in your favour.
Then it doesn’t move in your favour, so what do you feel now? Frustration!

Once you feel frustrated, the desire to revenge from the market will be on place. That will lead to revenge trading, and then what would happen next?! You are going to take impulsive action.


Then you will feel regret, and you would say, “I shouldn’t have done this. I should have just followed my rules. I shouldn’t have done that. Many times I said I would never do this,”.
Also, then you will end up having a fear of the future.

Fear of the Future

And then you would say, “Oh, okay, I’ll never change. I’m just like this,” and you’ll be very frustrated.

The High Expectations / Regret Loop

And then you’ll just wait for a couple of weeks or couple of days or whatever, and then you will start setting a high expectation again, then the same cycle going to repeat itself over and over.

Stop Expecting and Start Trading

Unfortunately, many traders are stuck in this pattern. So the question now would be “How to overcome this? / Regret Loop

4 ways to overcome this loop

In my opinion, one of the best practices here would be the following:
1- Focus on the process itself. By developing a mental and – mathematical edge.
2-Become more aware of your actions. What I mean by that if you have a very well established process, the outcome of one trade shouldn’t matter.
3- Understand that during the process, you will go through an evolutionary, iterative process. You will evolve with the market, and you will have different strategies and tactics to trade different market conditions.
4- Meditation and Exercising. We have substantial scientific evidence that meditation helps in reducing pain and distress, assists to Improve self-control, acts as a weapon against addiction, and rewire the neural pathways in the brain.


So, you don’t need to set high expectations, you need to raise your standard. You need to raise bar of your actions , and that’s how you are going to transform the way you trade, and you will master your mental edge and maximise your performance 100X.

You don’t need to set high expectations, you need to raise your standard.

Thanks for reading this!

Khaled Maziad

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