Trading Mindset Tips: Tip 1 – Be Decisive

How many times you got the feeling that you have to do something big and chase your dream, then you started to hesitate, only to end up by doing nothing.

How many times you thought to yourself, I will stick to my plan and follow my rules, and then you start second-guessing yourself, and again you do exactly the opposite thing

The Root Cause

What is the root cause of this force that stopping you from achieving something that you want and you are convinced that it is going to change your life.

It is your FEAR!

  • You are afraid to Commit
  • You are afraid to Fail
  • You are afraid to Get out of your comfort zone

You Are Not Alone

I can relate to this; I used to be like this.
Thinking and having dreams bigger than me and then I procrastinate end up doing nothing at all.
Until I realized that by not making a decision, actually, I am making a decision.

By not making a decision, actually, I am making a decision.

It sounds funny when you try to say this loudly!

You are not alone many traders, entrepreneurs, business owners, and even professional athletes are facing the same situations every single day.

The only difference that they decide . They face their fear and they don’t hide from it.

It’s Your Decision

Look around you; everything is merely your decision.
Somehow you decided to buy this gadget that you are using to read this. Even Reading in itself was a decision, isn’t it?!

Here’s How

Today I will share with you two powerful and practical techniques that will help you to make decisions, and you can start using them right now.

Technique 1 : Peter Brandt’s Technique

The first technique I learned from the legendary trader Peter Brandt. He used to say “I have strong opinions, weakly held”
You might say what’s new everyone has strong opinions. Reread it again, the secret is in the second Part “Weakly Held”

I have strong opinions, weakly held

Peter Brandt

Why is this so powerful?

Think about this simple sentence has enormous value in it. it has two parts.
“Strong Opinions” means commitment; he is committed to his trading plan, to his rules. But here is the catch commitment only is not enough as you can commit to a wrong idea.

Here’s come the power of the second part “weakly held,” which shows flexibility and willingness to learn from your mistakes and accepting it as a feedback.

Technique 2 : Break It Down

The second technique is to breakdown the big decision into small decisions. Let’s say you want to buy something, take a step toward a career, joining a course that might transform your life.

Instead of freezing and doing nothing, you can start breaking this decision into small decisions

  • Decision 1: Decide to understand the benefits and how much it costs you by not doing this.
  • Decision 2: Decide to collect as much information as you can
  • Decision 3: Ask someone who knows
  • Decision 4: Analyze the information

You can even break it down further, but by doing this, you make a breakdown decision look like a small decision.

Let Go The Fear

Now it’s your choice, let go of the fear.

Take actions to decide and never regret. accept all your mistakes as feedback learn from it and keep going.

Always remember, you are one decision away from transforming your life.

It’s YOUR Choice!

Khaled Maziad
Master Your Mental Edge

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